Dormer in Amsterdam

in het Nederlands“More spacious living in Amsterdam with a dormer window”

Add more square meters to your home in Amsterdam and create additional light and ventilation to your rooms upstairs. A dormer window offers some great plus points.

  • More living space
  • More daylight
  • Decorative view of roof/property
  • Instantly extra value of your home

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For over a decade we place dormer windows in Amsterdam city center (including the Jordaan, the Pijp, Bos and Lommer and the Rivierenbuurt).
In addition we’ve also placed many dormer windows near Amsterdam in Amstelveen, Diemen, Oostzaan, Landsmeer and Zwanenburg.

The Dakkapellen Prof is your perfect solution for dormer windows in Amsterdam:

  • Cheap: smart purchase on high quality A-materials
  • Reliable: 15 year warranty & always available for contact/support
  • Within 1 day: smooth processing
  • Prefab and traditional dormers

Cost of dormers

Offer dormer-B
Including VAT

Cost of dormer model B
€ 3.550,-
€ 4.975,-

Offer dormer-C
Including VAT

Cost of dormer model C
€ 4.040,-
€ 5.797,-

Offer dormer-D
Including VAT

Cost of dormer model D
€ 4.990,-
€ 7.217,-

Offer dormer-E
Including VAT

Cost of dormer model E
Van € 5.450,-
Voor € 7.935,-

Cheap solution in Amsterdam

The Centre of Amsterdam is characterized by a difficult accessibility. This means that placing a prefabricated dormer (mounted in the fabric) is in some cases not possible, because the location is unreachable for a crane to place the dormer on the roof. If the location is well accessible then in most cases a temporarily permit is necessairy. We map all issues in advance to make sure that your construction plans can take place. This can be e real moneysaver so we always offer our customers the cheapest solution without surprises. Some belief that traditional dormers (mounted on the roof) are of lesser quality and cost more than prefabricated dormer Windows. This is based on a misunderstanding. The materials and construction are equivalent and a traditional dormer in the city centre of Amsterdam is often a cheaper and faster solution. Important issues to get you a competitive quote.


Dormer prices

To get an impression of the price of a dormer, the table below shows you starter prices of dormer windows by size (width). Of course we also supply larger and smaller sizes.

dormer 1.5 metres € 2,990,-
dormer 2 metres € 3,090,-
dormer 3 metres € 3,890,-
dormer 4 metres € 4,800,-
dormer 5 metres € 5,250,-
dormer 6 metres € 5,950,-
dormer 7 metres € 6,450,-
dormer 8 metres € 6,950,-

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Your dormer project

To manage your plans well, we would like to offer you our experience with dormer constructions as the identification, organization and planning. As soon as you have selected a dormer of your choice and sent us your contact details, our construction consultant will contact you to make an appointment. The consultant will visit you to make an inventory of the situation, to take note of your plans and give you advice that fits your plans. After several days you’ll receive a quote. As soon as the quote has been signed and returned we will plan a date of dormer construction so preperations can be made. The placement is almost always within 1 day realized, this is always precalculated and informed to you in advance.


Contractors & construction project managers of Amsterdam

We also offer interesting and advantageous dormer packages to contractors, construction project managers and municipalities. If you are interested in what we can do for you please contact us.


Permit free

Since October 2010 placing dormers is permit free in many cases. There are guidelines for when en permit is needed, for example by dimensions, location on the roof and the part of the town where you are living.

More information on construction permits in your area can be found through the links below:

You can do a permit check at (in Dutch).


Some of our dormer projects in Amsterdam

dormer amsterdam noord

Dormer in northern part of Amsterdam, estimate € 5.200,-

Dormer in Huizen (NH)

Dormer in Huizen, estimate € 4.800,-

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